COVID Procedure

To keep you as safe and healthy as possible, Cakeology is offering Socially Distanced Samples!
  • Socially Distanced Samples
Select 4 cake and frosting flavor combos to try, and we will deliver them to your door. As you taste your samples, you’ll have a one-on-one phone or video chat with Alli Marbach, Owner and Founder of Cakeology, to discuss your dream dessert!
  • COVID-Friendly Creations
Celebrate life’s important milestones while protecting your family and friends. Cakeology offers many individually-packaged options for you to enjoy! From mini cakes in individual boxes to artistically-wrapped cookies, from delectable cookie cupcakes to memorable cake push pops, our COVID-Friendly Creations allow you to enjoy the sweet moments of your celebration, stress-free!

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